InspectorLUX MEDIA is our newest service. We create engaging digital content packages for your hotel/resort. Go to Services to find out how we can optimise your online presence.

InspectorLUX is a luxury hotel series hosted by former Miss Denmark, Julia Prokopenko,
who now is a senior hotel inspector at Hotel Of The Year Awards. See the InspectorLUX
concept video below, or enter the full InspectorLUX channel here.

Latest content case

Rhulani Safari Lodge


We offer free client revision for the content we produce – our clients just do not wish to make any changes.
Included in our price, we offer our clients the possibility of requesting changes after viewing our 1st draft. Until now, no clients have made use of that possibility. In other words, they have been fully satisfied with our product.

“The style, the look and feel, the flow is exactly what we had in mind for the content. It was an excellent decision to go into this project with you!” Rolf, Owner of Rhulani 

Watch the

Concept video here

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