Make your luxury hotel stand out

InspectorLUX is a brand that only works with high-end, luxury brands when promoting world-wide hotels and resorts. As a new input to marketing, InspectorLUX is an informative yet entertaining online series, that showcases all the best services and facilities of each luxury hotel, who takes part in the InspectorLUX series.

InspectorLUX and its associate partner, Hotel of the Year Awards, work with all the leading luxury hotel brands to bring only the best to the viewer. In a time when Social media, travel websites and indeed video content has become the number 1-way guests choose to research a hotel before booking, InspectorLUX brings that inside look into the spectrum of luxury travel experiences.

The first true luxury hotel vlog/online series that will entertain and inform you. Our host, Julia, is a senior inspector at Hotel of the Year Awards and former Miss Denmark winner and Grand Slam Contestant, who has also appeared in several Danish TV cooking shows. As a host she brings in her professionalism and personal interests in food, travel, culture and good quality.

Expanding our concept and services in 2018, we now introduce to you InspectorLUX MEDIA; InspectorLUX MEDIA specialises in providing engaging video & image content packages to hotels and resorts worldwide for use on digital and social media.

Currently 54% of all guests watch a video before deciding which accommodation to book so it is vital for hotels to have regular, engaging content to showcase all the services and facilities they have to offer their guests. It gives a distinct advantage over competitors.

InspectorLUX MEDIA works with you to create a video style and message about your hotel that directly targets your guest demographic and connects with them in an engaging and emotional way. This is done by including our host, who gives the digital content a personal and trust-worthy touch without compromising on your brand guidelines. Additionally, we make sure to tailor the content according to your chosen target group and social media platform(s) with style, music, video length etc.