Our Story

Back in 2016, Julia Prokopenko (co-founder of InspectorLUX) was drinking a glass of Billecart Salmon at D’Angleterre (Denmark’s most exclusive hotel).

Julia’s open-minded spirit and curious mind initiated a longer conversation about the luxury travel industry with her table-neighbour, Mary, who also happened to be a hotel inspector and the co-founder of Hotel of The Year Awards. Julia and Mary exchanged contact information, and shortly after Julia and Mary’s partner Mr. Ian Whitty (Founder of Hotel of The Year Awards) decided to form an odd business couple and collaborate with the goal to offer a new concept and style of marketing on the market within luxury hotel inspections, food and travel.

The first meeting between Julia and Ian took place in London, January 2017, and ever since they have been collaborating as a team to create a completely new take on the communication of the global luxury hotel market.

After starting the InspectorLUX series in 2017 and the collaboration with 11 world-recognized luxury hotel brands, we are now expanding our services into offering custom-sized media kits to optimise your hotels’ online presence and exposure through engaging and differentiated video and image content.