Benefits of Being part of InspectorLUX & Hotel of the Year Awards

(We only offer 24 video partnership opportunities per year & 2017 is fully booked. Contact InspectorLUX@hoteloftheyearawards.com today to book your 2018 place)

InspectorLUX is an opportunity to showcase your hotel, resort or indeed product in a unique, direct and professional way to the new world of luxury consumers.

In a time when 70% of travellers under 50 research their trip in advance on websites like YouTube, TripAdvisor, Facebook it is vital to give your hotel or resort a unique edge & advantage over your competitors. InspectorLUX is that edge.

By partnering with InspectorLUX & Hotel of the Year Awards you enter a unique network & branding opportunity where you showcase your hotel/resort or product alongside all the leading global luxury hotel brands. Names like InterContinental, Oberoi, St. Regis, Shangri-La, Waldorf Astoria, Peninsula, Dorchester Collection, Jumeirah, Ritz Carlton and many more.

Brands spend millions on creating the perfect image to showcase their product to this luxury travel market. Let us help and support you with this unique opportunity for a fraction of the cost.

As InspectorLUX is a first true, hosted luxury hotel vlog, you will be part of an innovative, more modern and adaptive approach to the communication of luxury hotels/resorts
Our vision is to inspire pampering in life by revealing the best sides of the hotels/resorts and ultimately create a luxury hotel series.

To add to this, with most of the biggest luxury hotel brands taking part, we have their active support in marketing and promoting this to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Note: the promotion will always be mutual.

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